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Welcome to Prestwick Pointe Family Dental Care.

About Us

Our Services

We offer a wide range of dental services and preventative care for you and your family. Listed below are several provided by our dentist:

✓ Treatment for Abscess

✓ Crowns

✓ Teeth Cleaning

✓ Braces

✓ Invisalign

✓ Emergency Dental Care

✓ Teeth Whitening


Emergency Dental Care

Here at Prestwick Pointe Family Dental Care we provide immediate care for dental emergencies. There are various situations where you may need emergency attention, such as a broken tooth or excessive bleeding. Our team is equipped to provide you with the best emergency dental care.


We Value Your Thoughts

We take your feedback very seriously. It is fundamental for us to assure quality care and service, so that all of your dental needs are met, and that you are satisfied with your experience


Our Standards

Honesty and clarity are attributes we take very seriously. We make sure our patients are properly informed about their dental health and recommended procedures. We strive to provide you with the proper dental care you need to maintain excellent oral health.


Payment Methods

Our office accepts all major credit cards, personal checks, and cash. Please contact us to make sure we work with your insurance provider. For further credit options, ask us about Care Credit.



For your convenience, our team will send helpful reminders prior to your appointment date via phone call, email, or text message.

If you’re looking for quality dental care in Avon, site:province , you’ve come to the right place! Our dentist and dedicated staff are here to assist with all of your oral care needs. For any questions regarding our services or treatment procedures, feel free to call our office at 317-745-1680.